Carmine Malfitano

Research Associate

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Carmine Malfitano, MSW, RSW, is a Social Worker in Research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in the research teams of Drs. Gary Rodin, Camilla Zimmermann, and Sarah Hales. In these roles, Carmine coordinates multiple clinical trials and delivers trial psychotherapeutic interventions tailored for clients diagnosed with acute leukemia or advanced or metastatic cancer.

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Launch of the Global CALM Program      Oct 11th, 2018   

The Global CALM Program is an international initiative to train clinicians in CALM therapy, gather evidence about the implementation of CALM in diverse settings, and to make CALM a standard of care for people facing metastatic and advanced cancer throughout the world.

On June 4, 2018 leaders of the Global CALM...

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Registration opens for the CALM Therapy Advanced Training      Mar 9th, 2017      Louise Lee

CALM or Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully, is a brief, semi-structured, evidence-based, psychotherapeutic intervention designed to help people with metastatic cancer and their caregivers manage the practical and profound problems associated with advanced disease. The primary goals of CALM are reducing and preventing psychological distress.

The CALM Therapy Training Program is...

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GIPPEC Launches the Kenya Quality of Death and Dying Study      Dec 1st, 2016   

After months of planning across two continents by the collaborative research teams in Canada and in Africa, mid-October 2016 was a flurry of activity as Richard Powell (local Principal Investigator) and Nancy Gikaara (Research Assistant) traversed Kenya to launch the quality of death and dying (QODD) study in three local...

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Great Turnout for CALM International Advanced Workshop      Jun 8th, 2015      Katrina MacAlpine

“The first casualties of cancer are emotional ones. CALM is one way we can help reduce patients’ fears and help them manage what lies ahead.”  Dr. Gary Rodin, GIPPEC Director

The Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) Training Program hosted an advanced CALM workshop in Toronto May 31 –...

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CALM Therapy featured as part of UHN Seried on End-of-Life Care      Jan 24th, 2015      Katrina MacAlpine

For some couples, third time's the charm.

That's true for Larry and Evelyn Bryan, who met more than 25 years ago working for the same company. She was in product development, he in engineering support. Each had been married twice before.  They fell in love, married in 1989...

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Managing Cancer And Living Meaningfully (CALM)

An individualized therapy designed to help patients manage the challenges of living with cancer, reduce distress and promote psychological well-being


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