Maxine Crow


Naotkamegwanning's Home and Community Care Program

Maxine Crow of Naotkamegwanning First Nation has been Community Care Coordinator since 2007. Prior to that, she was a Personal Support Worker for 2 years. She has lived in the community all her life, only leaving to attend college in Thunder Bay where she received her diploma in Developmental Services. Since the introduction of palliative care into the community, Maxine knew that this was a challenge she wanted to take on as her community has strong traditional values and beliefs. Her goal with this project was to provide services and optimum care for members who wish to stay home for as long as possible, and to provide choices to those who wish to go on their journey in the comforts of their home and with family. Maxine has 6 sons, 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.


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