Upcoming International CALM Workshops 2019

By:  Lesley Chalklin  Posted On:  Feb 8th, 2019

Announcement Upcoming CALM International Workshops 2019

Venues planned for North America, Europe,  Middle East, Asia 
Check this post for the latest updates of confirmed venues and times 

About the Workshop: CALM is a brief, semi-structured, evidence-based psychotherapeutic intervention designed to help people with metastatic cancer and their caregivers manage the practical and profound problems associated with advanced disease. The primary goals of CALM are reducing and preventing psychological distress.  

Our workshops are designed for healthcare providers working in oncology or palliative care settings. 

Click here to watch a brief video on CALM therapy and the CALM Training Program.

Date Conference / Workshop City, Country, Venue Registration
July 2-4, 2019 GIPPC and Maudsley Learning CALM Wokshop and Simulation London, UK Click here for registration and more details
September 23-26, 2019 IPOS 2019
Click here for info
Banff, BC, Canada, Click here for registration
March 25-26, 2019 CALM Toronto Click here for registration
May 13, 2019 To be Announced Israel Email: gippec@uhn.ca
To be Announced To be Announced Italy Email: gippec@uhn.ca





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