Ravi Bhargava

Physician Scientist and Corporate Manager of Research at William Osler Health System

Dr. Ravi Bhargava, MD is a Physician Scientist and a healthcare management executive. He completed the Advanced Health System Leadership program from the Rotman School of management, University of Toronto. Dr. Bhargava is the Corporate Manger of Research at the William Osler Health System where he is successfully creating research teams and authoring clinical trial protocols. He is a recipient of the 2018 William Osler Award of Excellence in Management. For the past 15 years, Dr. Bhargava has been fostering collaborations, cultures of innovation and breakthrough clinical research to improve healthcare management, access and delivery. He has presented his work at conferences worldwide, authored ESMO clinical practice guidelines on fatigue and exercise in patients with cancer. In addition, he has authored many book chapters and numerous peer reviewed articles on topics relating to Oncology and Palliative Medicine. Dr Bhargava is a co-investigator, having grants awarded in innovative clinical trials which address medical, psycho-social, cultural, ethical, palliative and supportive care of individuals with advanced and terminal diseases. He was also an integral member of the core-team that developed the Cancer Nutrition and Rehabilitation Program at the McGill University Health Center in Montreal and the Palliative Rehabilitation Program at the Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital affiliated to the University of Ottawa. Furthermore, Dr Bhargava is also involved in research training, teaching, mentoring of students and supervising of Master’s thesis and projects relating to psychosocial and end of life care.



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