Establishing CALM Centre of Excellence in Ferrara, Italy

  Posted On:  Nov 5th, 2016

The first project coming out of the partnership between GIPPEC and the University of Ferrara is to establish a CALM Centre of Excellence in Italy in 2017.

CALM or Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully is an individualized therapy designed to help patients manage the challenges of living with cancer, reduce distress and promote psychological well-being.  

This particular project will train and provide supervision to local health care providers delivering the CALM therapy to patients, with the goal of the CALM therapy becoming the standard of care in the university hospital.  

Dr. Gary Rodin and Carmine Malfitano from the Canadian research team will be travelling to Ferrara to work with the Italian research team headed by Drs. Luigi Grassi and Rosangela Caruso to deliver the training in April 2017.

Luigi Grasi, Professor and Chair of Psychiatry, Chair of the Department of Biomedical and Specialty Surgical Sciences of the University of Ferrara, Italy, and Head of the University Unit of Hospital Psychiatry, S. Anna Hospital  and Local Health Agency in Ferrara, Italy.

The partnership agreement signed by Drs. Rodin and Grassi will enable both GIPPEC and the University of Ferrara to promote research and educational collaborations through sharing best practice in clinical research and clinical trials and supporting faculty and student exchanges. 

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming year.

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Gary Rodin

Director of GIPPEC at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto

Carmine Malfitano

Research Associate at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Luigi Grassi

Professor and Chair of Psychiatry


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