Managing Cancer And Living Meaningfully

Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully:  An Evaluation of an Individual Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Depression in Patients with Advanced Cancer.

Depression is a common expression of emotional distress in patients with advanced cancer, but is often undetected and untreated by medical caregivers.  We have shown that it arises in response to multiple factors related to the disease, the individual, and the social context.  Based on this research we have designed a psychological treatment to address the issues that contribute to depression in advanced cancer patients.  This individual psychotherapy, called Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM), has been tailored for patients with advanced disease.  It consists of three to six individual sessions delivered over three months by specially trained social workers, with two booster sessions offered in the subsequent three months.  CALM addresses issues related to:

  1. Symptom management and communication with health care providers;
  2. Changes in self and relations with close others;
  3. Spiritual well-being, or maintaining a sense of meaning and purpose; and
  4. Preparing for the future, sustaining hope and facing mortality. 

Advanced CALM Workshop Concluded

  Jun 5th, 2018   

The largest yet CALM workshop brought together local and international clinicians and researchers with the goal of improving psychosocial care for advanced cancer patients and families with CALM therapeutic framework.

With participants from 9 disciplines and 15 countries, CALM workshop offered a global &...

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Dr. Gary Rodin spoke about CALM therapy

  Nov 9th, 2017   

Dr. Gary Rodin speaks with ecancer at ASCO 2017 about a psychological intervention to help advanced cancer patients manage disease-related anxiety.

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Meet Vera Krejcik, Psychiatry Resident and CALM Therapy Trainee

  Aug 8th, 2017   

I see no reason for my doctor to love me – nor would I expect him to suffer with me. I wouldn't demand a lot of my doctor’s time: I just wish he would brood on my situation for perhaps five minutes, that he would give me his whole...

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Building a Global Network for CALM Therapy

  Jun 15th, 2017      Meredith Nelson

GIPPEC is delighted to announce the successful delivery of six CALM workshops in Chile, Italy, China, New Zealand, and Canada in 2017!  The CALM workshops bring together a diverse group of oncology professionals in psychology, psychiatry, medicine, social work, nursing, palliative and spiritual care, and more, to gain training and...

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Meet Dr. Anne Lanceley

  Jun 14th, 2017      Milica Milakovic

“All great literature deals with the highs and lows of human experience. If you have some resources and perspective yourself on life experience - which literature can offer- it is helpful when dealing with loss and death. Literature also provides the message of choice, human agency and overcoming difficult...

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Registration opens for the CALM Therapy Advanced Training

  Mar 9th, 2017      Louise Lee

CALM or Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully, is a brief, semi-structured, evidence-based, psychotherapeutic intervention designed to help people with metastatic cancer and their caregivers manage the practical and profound problems associated with advanced disease. The primary goals of CALM are reducing and preventing psychological distress.

The CALM Therapy Training Program is...

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Chloe Shaw awarded 2015-16 GIPPEC Fellowship

  Jun 16th, 2015      Katrina MacAlpine

GIPPEC is pleased to introduce Dr. Chloe Shaw, recipient of the 2015-16 GIPPEC Fellowship.  Chloe will be coming to Toronto from the Institute for Women's Health at University College London, where she currently works as a Research Associate researching end-of-life decision making for critically ill babies on the neonatal unit. ...

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Great Turnout for CALM International Advanced Workshop

  Jun 8th, 2015      Katrina MacAlpine

“The first casualties of cancer are emotional ones. CALM is one way we can help reduce patients’ fears and help them manage what lies ahead.”  Dr. Gary Rodin, GIPPEC Director

The Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) Training Program hosted an advanced CALM workshop in Toronto May 31 –...

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CALM Therapy featured as part of UHN Seried on End-of-Life Care

  Jan 24th, 2015      Katrina MacAlpine

For some couples, third time's the charm.

That's true for Larry and Evelyn Bryan, who met more than 25 years ago working for the same company. She was in product development, he in engineering support. Each had been married twice before.  They fell in love, married in 1989...

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Nov 25

Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) Introductory Workshop November 25-26, 2018

November 25th - November 26th   Registration Required   Princess Margaret Cancer Center

Gary Rodin

Director, GIPPEC


Carmine Malfitano

Research Associate


Joanna Shnall

Research Associate



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